Your Skin

JF Essentials Beauty Serum safely targets the rough areas on your skin, including hydrating and nourishing the fine lines around your forehead, eyes, and mouth. Our hydrating formula provides a restorative blend of CBD and Vitamin E to help bring out your all-natural radiant glow!


  1. Hydrates skin

  2. Smooths fine lines

  3. Reduces blemishes

  4. Restores your skin's natural glow



After switching to an all natural beauty routine, I tried every paraben free product out there - none of them compare to JF Essentials! The Beauty Serum is my go-to for day and night, and my skin has never looked better


Over the years, my hair became super damaged from coloring, age and heat...JF Essentials gave me a whole new mane! After using the shampoo & conditioner, my hair has never felt or looked better.


After turning 30, I knew I needed to start an anti-aging routine fast. The JF Essentials serum and body wash have been a huge help in achieving my goals! I've kept my glow, and reduced pesky wrinkles and fine-lines without the botox!


I've spent years trying to find a solution for my itchy scalp, and JF Essentials delivered! The CBD Scalp Therapy helped almost immediately, and I've never looked back! Bye, bye itch, hello, beautiful hair!


I tried JF Essentials to support a local NC business, and kept buying as a lifelong fan! My collection is now full of their CBD and non-CBD goods, and essential to my self-care routines. I get compliments on my hair and skin, almost daily - totally worth it!